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Breaking the Fourth wall.

29 June 2011, Wednesday 1 comment

So, here we are again. You in front of the screen reading this very blog post and I, at this keyboard banging out these words.

Salutations. It’s been a while.

So what brings you here? I can’t imagine anyone having a feed from this site, considering how stagnant it is.

How have you been, dear reader? Me? Oh I’m fine thanks.

I have neglected this blog again. Something I’ve resolved and promised and made a point to not do so many times before. I’ve grown lazy and complacent, forgoing quality prose for the convenience and gratification of tweets and Facebook updates. I sat at my computer this morning and realized how much software and material I had that was once deemed essential, but hardly ever touch anymore. I realized how cluttered and clogged with junk my hard drives had become. I realized that I hadn’t updated my portfolio in more than six months. I realized that I had projects started months ago that lie unfinished, buried under a mountain of other urgent commitments and procrastination.

So what’s a guy to do? How do you dig yourself our of the rut you suddenly find yourself in one day? Perhaps you could tell me, dear reader.

Times like these, I have a tendency to to remember a simpler time, when things were less complex. a time when I wasn’t so apathetic. A time when I was bursting with enthusiasm. A time when I attacked each project and challenge with a gusto. A time when I used to do so much more and was so passionate about so many more things.

So how does someone rekindle the passion? How do you find that place where you can dance along the edge of the gale laughing like a madman?

Luhrmann once said something to the effect of advice being a way of dusting off the past and putting a fresh coat of paint on it. Now I ask you, dear reader, for advice. Or, to take the analogy a step further, how do you pick a color of paint for your new paint job so you won’t easily get bored of it again?


The Grey Ghost

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