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Incoming! October 2010

2 October 2010, Saturday Leave a comment

I’ve always been a bit of an odd duck when it comes to computer games. Sure, I play mainstream titles and look forward to the latest releases like any gamer out there. But my individual preferences tend to stray a little further from the beaten track. Take, for example, the Battlefield series. While many fans feel that BF2 or the most recent entry, BFBC2 are the best in the veritable plethora of Battlefield field games in the series, the edition I enjoyed the most was probably the least popular (and IMHO also probably the most underrated) incarnation of the game.

Yup, BF2142. In all probability, it was probably because it played so differently from the other games in the series. Sure the mechanics were all the same, but it had interesting vehicles and a truly inspired visual design and concept (Titans anyone? Walkers?) and also, not having to worry about historical or real world authenticity really let the design team flex their creative muscles.

Moving forward, present day. EA’s Medal of Honor and Activision’s COD:Black Ops loom on the horizon (October 12th and 9th respectively), both established franchises from well known developers (Dice and Treyarch, sadly Infinity Ward’s not doing this COD due to problems with publisher Activision) with a collection of great titles under their collective belts.

Which will I be playing? Well, both probably, but which will I like more? Probably the one with the quirkier game-play. And by quirky, I mean the one with the game engine and player base that allows you to do really dumbass crap in-game and make embarrassingly cool machinima.

Personally though… EPIC BEARD MAN FTW!!!

Dusty, aka "cowboy"


The Grey Ghost


Kotaku RTS Goodness!

29 July 2010, Thursday Leave a comment

In light of the recent release of one of the most eagerly (and long) awaited game sequels of all time, I thought I’d put this up for those uninitiated with the genre. Courtesy of Kotaku. Hit the Jump for the original article and other gaming related goodness.

Link via: Kotaku | A Visual Guide To Real-Time Strategy

In other news, I got my new head cans!

Check these babies out! LINK


The Grey Ghost.

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Caty looses Path of Titans and Guild Talents

13 June 2010, Sunday Leave a comment

WoW Cataclysm Banner

Two previously announced features in the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion Cataclysm have been dropped. The Path of Titans Advancement feature and the Guild Talent trees.

Players will instead get another layer of Glyphs and a Guild achievement and XP system.

I can’t say I’m surprised, Blizzard has been known to shake things up on a regular basis, right up to release date. I’d like to think that that makes their products more polished, but we’ll just have to see.  After all, I once swore that I’d never touch WoW. But that was many many years ago…

All in all I’m looking forward to the new expansion. And the guild XP feature sounds interesting. It would certainly encourage more loyalty to the guild (though it makes me wonder what would happen if the guild leader got hacked, like ours recently did)

Anyway, full story after the Jump.

Link Via: World of MatticusCataclysm Loses its 2 Biggest Selling Points

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Bug powder causes male bedbugs to stab each other to death with their penises.

18 December 2009, Friday Leave a comment

Apparently, male bedbugs have weaponized penises and will shag anything.

No, I’m not kidding.

More after the jump.

link via Boing Boing. | Bug powder causes male bedbugs to stab each other to death with their penises.

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The Unfriendly

26 November 2009, Thursday Leave a comment

Apparently “Unfriend” is the New Oxford English word of the year. It means to remove or delete someone from an online social network such as Facebook or Friendster.

Webster’s has a more archaic definition for it though, but the term is flexible enough to be contextual.

Un*friend”\, n. One not a friend; an enemy.
[R.] –Carlyle.

Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary, © 1996, 1998 MICRA, Inc.


More after the jump.

‘Unfriend’ is New Oxford American word of the year Link via Yahoo news Singapore.

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Swine Flu Infects World of Warcraft | GamePolitics

4 May 2009, Monday Leave a comment

Pic from Wowhead Talk about Life imitating art.

So this is how the world ends… God does a server wipe and resets everything.

Full Snippet after the jump

Swine flu pandemic spreads to Azeroth link via Game Politics.

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Music maketh the world revolve

22 April 2009, Wednesday Leave a comment


So! Anyone up for this?

Cheers, Godbless.