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Unboxed: the Nintendo DSi | Crave – CNET

4 April 2009, Saturday Leave a comment Go to comments

It’s here. Nintendo’s latest incarnation of what is arguably one of the most, if not THE most popular handheld platform in the world. (In access of 100 million units sold worldwide, more than double it’s closest competitor, the PSP) . The original DS (aka the DS phat) was released in November 2004, and boy have we come a long way.

2 generations later, the new DS will feature two (yes, TWO) built in cameras and an SD flash memory slot, with Nintendo opting to drop the GBA slot altogether. What I’m looking forward to would be the ability to directly purchase games from a DS online store and have them downloaded directly into your DS. (It’s starting to sound scarily like an iPhone no?)

Yeah, this would probably be an excellent time to get one.

I think the appeal of the DS is that if fits both casual and hardcore gamers. Even if you aren’t a professed gamer, there’s probably something on the DS that appeals to you.

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Unboxed: the Nintendo DSi | Crave – CNET

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