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First Words

26 March 2009, Thursday Leave a comment Go to comments

Hello, one and all. And welcome to the latest incarnation of my little corner of the world wide web.

The site is still pretty bare bones as I’m still getting the CSS and other components up and running (anyone know a good hot-linkable media host for my illicitly obtained music?). am also in the process of readjusting some elements for this particular web format, so bear with me while I get my shit together.

For those of you familiar with my previous weblog of the same name (well.., kinda), you’ll know what to expect. I’ve “struck out on my own”, away from the warm insulated (but somewhat inane and ultimately pointless) community that is Xanga and into the cold and lonely country that is a public blog.

Is it just me or is Xanga trying to force evolve itself into some misguided web 2.0 template or something. There’s so many doodads and gadgets that I’ll probably never (ever) use and the whole social networking and multiple language angles just smacks of Friendster-like desperation.

Half a decade on, and the retarded perverts are still perverting in their retarded manner. The emo posers are posing in their disgusting emo manner. (If anything it’s gotten worse, they can even be emo properly anymore), the lazy ass princess with overinflated opinions of themselves are still stealing other people’s blog posts and pretending that they care. The self proclaimed “kawaii” girls are still posting badly taken photos of themselves in retina searing pinkness and mangling the English language. Nothing has changed. In all probability, nothing is going to change.

Xanga was a social experiment. Results were promising at first, but took a general turn for the worse. I have learned, I have progressed. I have outgrown Xanga.

So here I am.

Things will be different, no more snot-nosed kids stumbling in and leaving their grubby fingerprints and lol-ing their remarks around. No more wannabe edgy over-dramatic eProp whores pushing senseless comments like cheap smack for a little attention.

No dear readers. This will be between you and me.

So pull up a chair, and sharpen your wit and prepare to re-posit.

Cheers, Godbless.

The Grey Ghost.

P.S. Leave your URL if you want in on my blog roll.

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  1. 1 April 2009, Wednesday at 11:51

    The bad-ass thing is hard to pull off. Good luck.

  2. Joe
    1 April 2009, Wednesday at 12:05

    Hiya Johnny, S’been a while. : )

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